State of Washington Water Research Center


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Call for Proposals
SWWRC Research Grant Program
FY 2015
Proposal submission deadline: December 1, 2014.

The objectives of this program are to sponsor research that fosters:
(a) exploration of new ideas to address water problems or expand understanding of water-related phenomena,
(b) entry, education, and training of future scientists in water resource fields,
(c) multidisciplinary research, and
(d) research result dissemination to both academic and non-academic audiences.

This is a great opportunity for early-career faculty to build partnerships with senior faculty, initiate new multidisciplinary collaboration and support thesis and dissertation research.

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Click here for the proposal submission guide.

Please contact Jacqueline McCabe at [, (509) 335-5531]
or Jonathan Yoder [, (509)-335-8596] with questions.

Water is an essential resource for the economic, social, and cultural well-being of the state of Washington. The State of Washington Water Research Center (SWWRC) has been contributing to our understanding of water resources and water management issues for 50 years.

The SWWRC was established in 1964 by federal legislation along with 53 other water centers and institutes throughout the United States and territories. The SWWRC has become an integral connection between academics; local, state, and federal government; and the private sector.

The SWWRC has a threefold mission:

  1. To oversee and conduct applied water-related research
  2. To foster the education and training of our Nation’s future water professionals
  3. To serve as a nexus within the academic community by transferring research results to those who manage or use the Nation’s water resources

The SWWRC is housed at Washington State University, but collaborates with water researchers colleges and Universities throughout the state to pursue its mission.